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Children's Book   Package

Character Design

You will receive five different sketches of a single character, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your preferences.


You will receive all the sketches first, and once you approve them, we can proceed with adding colors. You are entitled to three free revisions for each page to ensure your satisfaction.

Book Design

You will receive a preliminary version of the layout that includes all the sketches, and at the end, you will be provided with the final print-ready version and an eBook.

Cover Art

You will receive several different sketches for the cover design, allowing you to choose your preferred option. Once you've made your selection, a final colored version will be created, complete with title text and a back cover design.

Our affordable packages are tailored to help you achieve your goal of becoming a self-published author in just 90 days.

Our entry-level package starts at
$1312 and is specifically designed for a standard
24-page book. This package includes a maximum of
20-page illustrations, which can be a combination of single and double-page illustrations. We ensure a high-quality and visually captivating experience for your readers within these parameters.

Please note that any additional illustrations beyond the numbers included in the package will result in an adjustment to the budget. The final budget will be determined and approved before signing the contracts. This ensures transparency and allows for a clear understanding of the financial aspects of the project.

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